How To Vote

The steps involved

Step 1:

Appraise yourself of the political happenings in your area. Identify the next elections you would want to participate in. It is always advisable to make sure that you vote in all local and assembly level elections.

Tamil Nadu Election Date: 16 May 2016

Step 2:

Talk yourself into it. Despite the more than occasional political turmoil’s and mishaps in the country, convince yourself that your vote will make a difference.

Don’t forget to vote for AIADMK’s Two Leaves and Alliance parties

Step 3:

Wake up late. Good thing is that there is a holiday on the day of elections so you can get up late. Take advantage of this time to visit a place of worship (if you are a theist) and pray for all candidates, country and people. This will help you clear your mind and be more judicious in your approach.

Pray for our state and don’t miss the chance to vote for AIADMK’s Two leaves, If not then even God can’t save us.

Step 4:

Meditate for a while and dwell on all the candidates. If you have not already read their manifestos then now is the time.

Think about real growth, Law & order, peace and power issues & don’t think about free stuff

Step 5:

Remember it is secret ballot so don’t discuss your vote with others, especially your neighbors. It’s a time waste and may lead to unnecessary debate. Make up your mind and remember the associated symbol of the candidate.

There is no second thought please, Vote for AIADMK’s Two Leaves

Step 6:

Register. If you don't have a voter’s card make sure that your name is in the voters list. You should do this at least a week before elections. Usually, people from the election commission will come to your house for verification. But if they don't turn up do make sure that you register yourself voluntarily.

Kindly approach AIADMK party workers nearby to your place so that they will help you anytime.

Step 7:

Go around afternoon to vote, this way you can beat the crowd as people usually avoid heat and come in the mornings

But don’t go in the late evening

Step 8:

Sign in. Once you reach the voting center, go to any of the desks set up by various political parties and ask them if your name is there. This is to double check that you are a registered voter.

Go to AIADMK Booth desk and ask for your voter slip

Step 9:

Go inside and stand in the queue, when your turn comes state you and your father's name. That's all they will ask. They will mark you with an indelible ink on your nail. It cannot be removed with most kinds of Nail-polish removers and thinners. It is a security measure to ensure that each individual votes only once.

Step 10:

Look for the machine. Once inside the room, you will find a machine in the corner with an enclosure around.

Think for AIADMK’s “Two Leaves” and Alliance parties symbols

Step 11:

Press the symbol of the candidate. If it is a manual system, which is now becoming rare, then you need to stamp the right symbol on a ballot paper and put it in a box.

Press AIADMK’s Two Leaves and Alliance party symbols

Step 12:

Stay there for a few seconds to make sure everything is fine and the machine is not beeping. This can happen due to an error

There is only one chance to vote to save Tamil Nadu and after that even God can’t save us

Step 13:

Come home and relax. You have done your part. Enjoy the remaining day

“YES WE CAN”, you done a great change in our state

To check your name in the voter list please click here

For more information on Tamil Nadu electoral rolls Refer

List of polling stations:click here


1) If you find that someone else has already voted on your name then make a formal complaint to the election commission officer. This is a serious offense and must be reported.

2) Going to one of the parties' counters doesn't mean that you have an obligation to vote for them. Take your time at the voting center and do a last minute evaluation by going over to various party posts and reading about the candidates. Warnings

The queue may be long and boring: you might want to carry your iPod and sunglasses.

Carry a bottle of juice or water during summer.